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Squash London–Britannia Squash is a free-to-join-and-no-fee friendly Squash Club located in the centre of London.

We run our club night every Thursday at the Britannia Leisure Centre in Hoxton.

All Levels of play are welcome, we run the club night on an all welcome and all inclusive basis.  Everybody is welcome to come and join us regardless their level of play, from complete beginners to advanced players.

The schedule of the Club Night is every Thursday from 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM, it is a drop in session so you can join anytime in between the scheduled time.

Additionally, for the more competive player, Britannia Squash runs the Britannia Squash League with different divisions to accomodate any level of players. Use our contact page to join.

Please note that if you would like to join the league, we can not assess your level of play unless you come to at least one of the Thursday Club Night sessions.

Whilst it is not mandatory that you attend the club night to join the league, however, as we get many requests asking for us to ascertain where do players fit within the league,  we can not ascertain your level of play,  if we don’t know you, and/or have never seen you play.

Our club operates on a non profit and no charge basis, there are no membership charges and no charges to join the league, the only fees are the fees you pay to play your matches.

When playing league matches the court cost should be divided between the two players, you can play the matches at any court of your convenience, we don’t require that you play at Britannia Leisure.

In addition to the above, the only charges you pay are the entrance fee of £4.50 for the Thursday Club Night, those are the standard charges  paid to Britannia Leisure.

Please note that we do not belong to Britannia Leisure Centre or Better, we only work in collaboration with the centre and with Better who accomodate our Thursday Club Night.

Britannia Leisure Centre address is 40 Hyde Road, London,  N1 5JU


The centre have parking facilities, if you park at the centre bring the tear-up part of your parking ticket and the front desk will refund your fees for parking. *note this is only valid for 1 hour parking.